Design & Development is the creative hub of Bellevue University. We provide innovative learning and teaching objects to support student engagement.

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About Video/Audio

The video/audio production team has a combined 45+ years of experience creating videos for all types of applications. We have created a variety of videos for courses from welcome videos to topical videos and quizzes! We are passionate about creating compelling video content that makes learning more engaging and interactive as well as inspires our students to use the tools available to them to interact with their peers in new and innovative ways!

Video Production Team Highlight Reel for 2023

Check out the Video Production team highlight reel. We share a quick overview of some of our best projects from the past year.

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Biology Department Video Project

Bellevue University’s Natural Science Center of Excellence is a collective of faculty and students learning side by side as they explore their passion for understanding the natural world.  Our theme, refers to the visual accessibility of our laboratories as well as our desire to introduce students to the process of science.  Science on Display is an invitation to those with similar fascination with uncovering the mysteries of the natural world.

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Mini Lectures

We will take your content and add graphics and video clips to help make it more interesting and engaging to watch. This is best used when you want to reuse the content from semester to semester. Click the Learn More button for a few examples of videos where we added graphics, animations, and video clips to make them more interesting and engaging to watch.

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Video Quizzes

Another amazing tool available through Kaltura is the Quizzing feature. This feature works with Blackboard and connects right to the gradebook once placed in a course master! When the course snaps, it will then connect to the gradebook within each iteration of the course.

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Explainer Videos

This video will walk folks through how to do something. Click the Learn More button to view an explainer video.

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Our Work

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Video/Audio Team

Meet the Video/Audio  Team
Video Team - Eli

Eli Rigatuso

Video and Multimedia Production Manager
Video Team - Ryan

Ryan Range

Video Producer/Director
Video Team - David

David Weisser

Video Producer/Director

Work with us

Want to work with the Design and Development Video and Audio Team? The form linked below is for any type of video or audio request as needed for courses.
Video Request Form
How do I contact the Video & Audio team to request help?

You can start the process of creating a video by either emailing Eli Rigatuso at erigatuso@bellevue.edu or by completing a request form  Video Request Form

What do you need to produce a video?

Really all you need is an idea! We can do everything from writing a script to capturing footage if needed! Although since you are the subject matter expert having you write a script that we can then review and assist you in making it clear and easy to understand in a video is typically the best approach.

What if I need to share video content outside of the university system?

Depending on where your final video will need to be we have university YouTube channels where we can place your content so it can be shared more broadly! Although we prefer to work through our marketing and communications teams for anything that will be seen outside of Blackboard or the Bellevue University website.

Do you produce audio only?

We can produce anything audio and video related for projects! We have a variety of voice-over artists you can choose from for your audio-only projects.

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