Design & Development is the creative hub of Bellevue University. We provide innovative learning and teaching objects to support student engagement.

1000 Galvin Road South,
Bellevue, Nebraska 68005

Production and Operations

Who is Production & Operations?

Design and Development’s Production and Operations team of 12 staff members is a combination of Quality and Operations Specialists, Software Engineers, User Experience Design, 3D Art, and program management. Collectively, we hold nearly 20 degrees in varied disciplines and 25% are adjunct instructors.

What We Do for Faculty?


• Creates course builds and manages approval process for courses to become Masters (which all courses use per term)

• Manage The Drive, which is our project management tool for course development work

• Owns and maintains the course templates for the LMS

• Provides Tier II support on over 2000 courses

• Gatekeeper for Syllabi Part 1 and 3 for all course offerings

• Handles course conversions to the new template

• Created and maintains a university-wide list of courses and status for administrative use


• Conducts Course Readiness Reviews on every course offering for each traditional semester (over 2500 annually)

• Conducts weekly Course Readiness Reviews on Cohort offerings (over 2000 annually)

• Completes Quality Reviews on newly developed course offerings

• Provides functional reviews on links, learning objects, and videos

• Point-of-Contact for Quality Matters; works with faculty for training and course certification


• Creates custom, complex HTML pages, learning objects, and mini sites

• Creates 2D and 3D custom art for varied uses as either elements or a complete project

• Creates branded course and marketing collateral

• Collaborates on design layout for the web, learning objects, and external client needs

• Builds custom databases to assist with metrics and assessment from objects

• WebGL custom content and application development for interactive 2D/3D browser experiences

Feature Project

NVVM Partnership

Bellevue University has partnered with the Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation (NVVM) on strategic branding, educational resources, website design and development.

NVVM Partnership

Bellevue University has partnered with the Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Memorial to assist with strategic branding and digital media. The NVVM memorial is scheduled to start construction in the Summer of 2023.

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Our Work

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Production and Operations Team

Meet the Prod/Ops Team

Allyson Adams

Quality Specialist

DaRelle Benford

Program Manager

Ben Brocker

Director, Production & Operations

John Bunger

Senior 3D Artist

Emily Cabeen

Operations Specialist

Liesl Grubbs

Operations Specialist

Janel Heitz

Instructional Training and Development Manager

Brian Kear

UX Designer

Jeff Paxson

Software Engineer

Rekha Shrestha

Quality Specialist

Misti Shurila

Operations Specialist

Barbi Voegtline

Quality Specialist

Adam Wilson

Software Engineer

Meagan Wright

Faculty Developer

Let’s Chat

Reach out if you have questions

For information on Quality Matters (QM) official reviews, QM training, and QM conferences

Contact Janel Heitz, jheitz@bellevue.edu, 402-557-7811

For Curriculum Development Requests (CDRs)

Contact D&DOps@bellevue.edu

For production needs

Contact Ben Brocker, bbrocker@bellevue.edu, 402-557-7676

For any other inquiries

Contact Ben, bbrocker@bellevue.edu or Liesl Grubbs at lgrubbs@bellevue.edu

Design & Development