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Course Accessibility Report

The Ally course accessibility report is available in all courses, and instructors can view their accessibility report by selecting course tools on the left navigation. The accessibility report provides an accessibility score for each course and identifies course items with accessibility issues. Each issue that is flagged includes an explanation of what the issue is, why it is important, and step-by-step directions on how to fix the issue.     

Accessing your Course Accessibility Report: 

  1. Log in to your Blackboard and select a specific course. 
  2. Select Course Tools on the Control Panel on the left navigation menu. 
  3. Select Accessibility Report LTI 1.3.  
  4. Your accessibility report will include: 
    1. An accessibility score (90% or higher is the goal for all courses). 
    2. Flagged issues, which are grouped by easiest to fix, lowest scoring, and remaining issues. 
  5. Selecting the gauge next to an issue will provide you with: 
    1. A preview of the affected item (only available for some file types) 
    2. An explanation of the issue 
    3. How to fix the issue  

Blackboard Help: Course Accessibility Report provides additional instructions and guidance.  


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