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Bellevue FAQ’s for Ally

Is hidden content counted in the Ally score? 

Yes, scores are based on all content that is included in a course, including content hidden from students.

If I have issues with Part I Syllabi, what should I do?  

Contact Misti Shurila (d&dops@bellevue.edu) for assistance with updating the document and loading it back into the course master. Do not make edits yourself.

Does my profile picture count against the Ally score?  

No, your profile picture does not count against your score. It is being pulled from your Blackboard profile, which is not loaded in your course content collection, so it is not checked by Ally.  

Why am I seeing duplicated images flagged in Ally?  

Every content item added to your Blackboard course will be checked by Ally i.e. if you add your image five times to five separate locations in your course, Ally will check all five items. To avoid this, link the image from your course content collection to each location instead.  

What do I do if I cannot fix flagged HTML Content? 

We are aware that there are some issues being flagged by Ally. At this moment, there is not a clear direction from Ally to resolve these issues. But please note, those issues being flagged are minimal when it comes to the overall score of the course. 


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