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Instructional Design

What We Do

Bellevue University Instructional Designers work in conjunction with faculty, content developers, production, and quality assurance to develop engaging courses, learning materials, and training based on pedagogical theory and best practice. Our team has a deep well of knowledge in the fields of education and instructional design. We are experts in facilitation – which means we can assist at any phase of the learning design process, including course development/revision, course build, or evaluation.

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Meet the ID Team

Meet the Instructional Design Team

Georgia Scheel

Director of Instructional Design

Lisa Barth

Instructional Designer

Amanda Braun

Senior Instructional Designer

Adryan Clapp

Instructional Designer

Deb Duff

Instructional Designer

Jen Egri

Senior Instructional Designer

Toni Furmanski

Instructional Designer

Dr. Tracy Gies

Senior Instructional Designer

Jeremy Haecker

Instructional Designer

Barbie Hall

Instructional Designer

Dr. Sara McWilliams

Instructional Designer

Dr. Katie Ostdiek

Instructional Designer

Marshall Peterson

Instructional Designer

Caitlin Petty

Instructional Designer

Biz Rapp

Senior Instructional Designer

Shannon Roen

Instructional Designer

Fox Sutton

Instructional Designer

How to work with us

For any questions or to work with our team, please contact instructionaldesign@bellevue.edu.

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What is the development schedule for my course?

For Traditional and Cohort courses, you can find the development schedule in The Drive. Click on the link below, then click on your program, and finally scroll through to find your course.

Course Development Schedule

How much flexibility is there in the development schedule and process?

There is always room for some flexibility in the development schedule; however, each scenario needs to be evaluated individually by the assigned Instructional Designer, the Director of Instructional Design, and/or the Dean.

When is my course due?

Throughout the development of a course, there are numerous due dates.  All due dates can be viewed in The Drive.  Click on the link below, then click on your program, and finally scroll to find your course.

Click on the following link: Course Development Schedule

I am new to working with the Instructional Design team, how do I get started?

Welcome! We highly suggest you take some time to look around this website. Explore our commonly used terms and phrases by clicking Resources in the top right hand corner to better understand the build process, and then take some time to look over the Course Build Content Document (we need to get this still). This document breaks down the course build process in chucks. Your first steps with Instructional Designer should include a kick-off meeting organized by your assigned ID where you will work together to discuss the work needed, the strategic approach, and any questions you or they may have.

I have been assigned to work with an Instructional Designer. What do I do now?

Once assigned, your ID will reach out to you to kick off your project. Here are some documents to get you started:

  • Course Build Content Document
  • Course Build Weekly Template Document
What is the best method for organizing my course content?

Best practice is to organize your content in an editable and accessible document, laid out by course sections and weeks. See our team-developed template: Course Build Weekly Template. (Still Need) If you are working with an ID, they will expect content to be sent to them in this format.

When and how to use the ticketing system?

The BRUIN ticketing system is meant to be used for small and quick fixes in courses, i.e. a broken link, a missing image, adding a document, or a textbook change. If you are unsure about whether a request requires a ticket or a CDR, please contact Georgia Scheel, Director of Instructional Design. These requests are sent via email to BRUINSupportServices@bellevue.edu. You may also cc the Instructional Designer who has worked on the course in the past although that does not guarantee he/she will be assigned to the ticket

Do you have any rubric examples?
My course is taught in-class and online, do I need two masters?

You are not required to have two separate masters for courses that are taught both in-class and online. All components can be built into one master and the unnecessary items can be hidden depending on which format is being utilized. Your assigned Instructional Designer can offer benefits of both options and work with you to determine which is best for your particular course.

Is there time for me to get a course built by X term?

Please refer to the sample course build schedule located in the following link: Drive Development Deadlines. Generally, the schedule from content development through dean approval is three months in duration. If full course content is ready to be delivered at the time of the request, the Instructional Design team can sometimes make exceptions. For specific cases regarding less than a three-month development window, please contact Georgia Scheel, Director of Instructional Design.

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