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Grading Tools

Grade Center
Final Grade Column

Create a grade column and identify what is needed for a final grade column.

Exempt Grades

Learn how to exempt grades from a student’s calculated grade to be ignored in the Grade Center.

Part I Syllabus Template

Find the Bellevue University Syllabus Part I template here.

Part II Syllabus Template

Find the Bellevue University Part II template here.

Secondary Rubric Icon
Secondary Rubrics

Learn how to attach and edit secondary rubrics, when edit, and create a new rubric.

Student-Facing Rubric Guide

Better understand what rubrics are and find out how to locate rubrics within your course.

General Rubric Icon
General Assignment Rubric Example

Check out and view an example of a general assignment rubric as a baseline to create your own.

Program Rubric Icon
Programming Rubric Example

Check out, explore, and view an example of a programming rubric as a baseline to create your own.

Adding Rubrics Icon
Adding Rubrics

Discover what a rubric is and why we use them. Learn about the two different rubrics with guidelines.

Import Export Rubric Icon
Importing and Exporting Rubrics

Discover the steps needed to import and export rubrics, as well as attach a rubric to a specific assignment.

Import Export Rubric Icon
Discussion Board Rubric

Discussion Board usage is common for online courses. View an example of a Discussion Board Rubric.

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