Design & Development is the creative hub of Bellevue University. We provide innovative learning and teaching objects to support student engagement.

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Course Build


Resources to help you understand and follow our course build processes.

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Initial Setup

Resources to help you take the first steps to setting up a course.

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Learn and explore how syllabi are approved and added to courses.

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General information on rubrics, including resources to help you develop them and work with them inside the LMS.

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Content Areas

Learn the basics of adding content to your course in the LMS, including updating the left-hand navigation menu and adding links.

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Learn how to add, edit, and delete your assignments in Blackboard, and how to attach files and rubrics, identify due dates, set points, and choose submission and grading options.

Discussion Boards

General information on developing and creating Discussion Boards in the LMS.

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Explore information regarding the development and creation of tests, quizzes, and pools in the LMS.

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The Grade Center

See resources to help you set up your course grade center.

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Learning Objects

Discover how learning objects can enhance your course and see several successful examples our team has created.

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Learn best practices for creating videos and how to embed them into the LMS.

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ADA Compliance

Resources to help you ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design.

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Design & Development