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Begin Your Course Build

Before You Begin
CDR Build Process

View/Download the CDR Build Process Document.

CDR Process Flow

The Academic Process at a high-level glance. CDR to SNAP and reviews.

Course Design Style Guide

Learn how best to design your course using BU’s in-house style guide.

Course Editing Tutorials
Create and Manage Announcements

Learn how to use the Announcements in Blackboard.

Create Course Menu Tool Link

Learn to add Tool links to the left-hand navigation menu in your course.

Adding Content Areas

Learn to add and rearrange content area items in the navigation menu.

Instructor Profile Icon
Bb Cloud Instructor Profile

View/Download the Blackboard Cloud Instructor Profile Document.

Mashup Tool (New Bb content editor)

Learn how to build in content using the Mashup Tool.

Editing Links in Blackboard

Learn how to replace, edit, or update links in your course.

Course Content Collection
Course Content Collection (CCC)

Learn how and what you can store in your Blackboard content collection.

Design & Development