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Web design is not just about what it looks like and feels like. It’s also how it works. With a heavy focus on user experience, the Faculty Resources Department website aims to be simple, clean and inclusive of both full-time Faculty and part-time Adjuncts.

In today’s world, students and teachers are always on the move. Whether you’re a military student deployed overseas or a part-time Adjunct working at your favorite coffee spot, this website is designed responsively with easy access and navigation no matter what device you’re on.

Alex Latty-Bata, FRD
Web Design, Branding
Created by:
Brian Kear
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Brief & Idea.

As an educational institution, Bellevue University has a great responsibility to provide professional training and continuing education for their employees including both full-time Faculty and part-time Adjuncts.

Through the Faculty Resources Department, the University has streamlined training courses, centralized official process documents, and developed an all-around singular resource area for all faculty.

With numerous departments across the University, managing functional oversight items can be challenging. This is how the Faculty Resources Department came into fruition.

Their formation was a byproduct of an evergrowing organization’s demand to reassess and adapt to the needs of their employees and students. The aim of the website is to make the faculty’s lives just a little easier.


After the go-live of the website, site traffic has grown steadily. Over the launch of the site, there have been over 5,000 unique visits, the average session duration is 10 minutes, and the bounce rate is 18.6%. As awareness of the website increases, these numbers continue to improve.

Faculty and Adjunct training and resources have been centralized across the University via the website. The relationship amongst interdepartmental area including the Library, Human Resources, and Training have developed organically due to the integration of all resources throughout the University

Interested in creating a similar website for your department, program, or course? Let’s meet to discuss your ideas. We love partnering with others to make their vision come to life.

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