Drone Bootcamp


Videos are powerful. They can engage and capture the imagination. In this video, we aimed to create curiosity revolving around the idea of making a living doing your hobby.

In partnership with the Unmanned Safety Institute, we created this video to promote the Drone Pilot Bootcamp.

Jason Ferguson, CST
Video, Design, Branding
Created by:
Eli Rigatuso

Brief & Idea.

With any new program, generating interest and sparking excitement is a goal. As an immerging field in the area of technology, drone pilots are increasingly becoming a wave of the future.

As demand rises and available jobs are becoming more prevalent, the Drone Bootcamp is setting up students can stay ahead of the curb.

Through video, we encourage you to consider making your hobby a way of living. We highlight where the future of drone technology is headed and how you can be apart of the action.

Discover the steps needed to learn drone education and training standards in order to soar past your FAA. Take your drone interest to new heights.


After production of the Drone Bootcamp video, enrollment for the program grew to the maximum capacity and now has a waiting list for 3 semesters out.

The video has been viewed over 10,000 times and has seen a significant increase in repeat views and video likes on YouTube.

Interested in creating a similar promotional video for your program? Let’s meet to discuss your ideas. We love partnering with others to make their vision come to life.

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