Atom visualizer.

The atom visualizer is a multi-platform study aid application that allows students to visualize the atomic structure of any element on the periodic table. The visualization includes atomic weights, numbers of protons, neutrons, electrons, as well as the element’s electron shell occupancy configuration (long hand as well as noble relative). The atom visualizer currently supports all web based and mobile platforms (where the user’s browser\mobile browser supports WebGL) as well as the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headset.

This application wasn’t created for a specific course or instructor though it obviously would be most useful in the biology\chemistry focused courses. I created this as a WebGL ‘proof of concept’ type of thing and have no idea of its’ actual current or past usage(s). On my ‘to do’ list is a rewrite of this to additionally support WebVR (where supported by user hardware and browser).

College of Science and Technology
Created by:
Jeff Paxon

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Paul Jefferson

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