The University’s first Quality Matters certification

Mike Freel, Program Director and Associate Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, and members of the Design and Development team were recognized at the December All Faculty meeting for helping to achieve a ‘first’ at Bellevue University.

Course Design Team Recognized for Achieving University’s First Quality Matters Certification.

Last month, the MHA 649: Leadership and Team Development course became the first Quality MattersTM (QM) Certified Course at the University. To achieve this internationally recognized designation, Freel, along with Course Designer Tracy Gies, Senior Quality Specialist Janel Heitz, and Brett Goetz, Learning and Innovation Developer, all worked together for several months prior to prepare the course for review.

Quality Matters is a non-profit organization specializing in standards, processes and professional development for quality assurance in online and blended learning for all types of educational and academic institutions.

A Quality Matters certified course must meet a rigorous set of 42 design standards, across eight categories, and earn a total score of 85 points or higher (out of 100) in an official Quality Matters peer review. Courses that successfully meet the QM Rubric standards are eligible to carry the QM Certification Mark. The official review, which was completed by three Quality Matters certified faculty members from outside institutions, took approximately six weeks.

“all Bellevue University courses go through instructional design and quality assurance processes…”

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MHA 649

The MHA 649 course not only met all 42 QM standards, but it earned a perfect score of 100. The reviewers were so impressed with the overall design and quality of the layout (i.e., custom formatting, use of imagery, placement of course information, clean look and feel, etc.) they suggested the entire team should consider presenting their approach and results of the QM review process at future conferences.

According to Rick Koch, Dean, Design and Development, all Bellevue University courses go through instructional design and quality assurance processes as they are developed in the department. He added that while not every course will go through the formal QM certification process, the lessons learned during this effort will help enhance the University’s online course development processes.

Congratulations to the team for their hard work and dedication to meeting and exceeding Quality Matters review expectations!


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