About us.

We are passionate about learning innovation in education

The Design and Development department, which encompasses Course Design, Operations and Quality Assurance, and the Learning Media teams, is charged with researching, testing, and implementing new and innovative learning and teaching models to support student engagement.

Our Mission.

The Design and Development Department collaborates with the university community to create innovative and engaging learning experiences that enrich student learning in a way that enables them to reach their full professional, academic, and personal potential.

Our Vision.

Create highly interactive, multi-dimensional, immersive, and transformational learning environments for our students that are guided by our experience, reason, research, and a curiosity to pursue innovation and excellence in teaching and learning.

Our Goals.

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    Provide direction and leadership for enhancing teaching and learning through research and evaluation of existing and emerging technologies and pedagogical practices.
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    Enrich teaching and learning through the use of technology in online, connected, and traditional courses; including the integration of student learning outcomes.
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    Manage the end-to-end development schedule for courses and programs to ensure they are delivered on time and within budget; providing multiple checkpoints with key faculty and staff.
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    Provide quality customer service to the university community for all projects.
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    Collaborate with faculty, staff and deans to identify, evaluate, and adopt effective educational innovations in the creation and revision of course curriculum.
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    Develop instructional design processes which encourage and facilitate technology-rich teaching and learning through curricular innovation.
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    Provide quality assurance for all courses and programs to ensure they adhere to established university standards and that all multimedia, internal/external links, 3rd party tool integration, etc. are functioning properly.


Rick Koch

Dean, Design & Development

Georgia Sliva

Manager, Course Design

Ben Brocker

Senior Director, Design & Development

Brett Goetz

Learning & Innovation Developer II